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Established in 1946

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“Take a Right at the Bull”

English: A statue of the legendary Smithtown B...

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This year marks the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Smithtown and we all know the famous story of John Smith riding his bull Whisper to establish the borders of the town. While this story may be a stretch and maybe there never was a real bull, we do have a sculptor’s impression on 25A in Smithtown.

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Q & A with Town of Smithtown Supervisor Patrick R. Vecchio

Town of Smithtown Supervisor Patrick R. Vecchio is the longest serving supervisor in the history of the State of New York.To put that in context, this year the Town of Smithtown is celebrating its 350th Anniversary, and Supervisor Vecchio has served as Smithtown’s Town Supervisor for 10 percent of that history.

Here is our question-and-answer session with Supervisor Vecchio, where we cover a host of topics.

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Makamah Geisler’s Beach Improvements

I have lived in the beautiful hamlet of Fort Salonga for seven years, and I refer to Makamah Beach as just that. It is, however, also known as Geisler’s Beach to those who have lived here for much longer. It is one and the same.

Donated bench

FSA directors Bill Berg and Joe Stolfi with the new bench at Makamah Geisler’s Beach, donated by members of the FSA.

The past year has seen many improvements to the beach’s parking area. These improvements were done by the Town of Huntington, and are almost complete. There is some cleanup required to the left as you enter through the gate — reseeding of the grassed area and some moving of the stone slabs on the beach. Working on the beach is very delicate due to the D.E.C. not allowing too much moving around of the existing stone, sand, and boulders.

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About the Association


battle signAbout the Fort Salonga Association

The Fort Salonga Association brings together members of the community to enjoy all the hamlet has to offer. It monitors and engages with local government, advocating on community members’ behalf and offering counsel on issues that impact residents.

The Association hosts an annual spring brunch, a spring egg hunt, caroling in December, and more. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter for all households in the hamlet, and provides news and other community updates through this web site.

Who joins the Fort Salonga Association?
Everyone who lives in Fort Salonga is invited to join. Each spring the Association promotes its annual paid membership, which is $15 per household. Households don’t need to join to receive the quarterly newsletter but know that your annual dues payment helps the Association promote the community and advocate on its behalf to help preserve our way of life.

How do I know I’m in Fort Salonga?
Fort Salonga is bounded by portions of Bellrose Avenue, Pulaski Road, and Old Northport Road to the south, the Sunken Meadow Parkway to the east, the Long Island Sound to the north, and approximately along Norwood Avenue to the west. Fort Salonga is split by Bread & Cheese Hollow Road, and to the west the hamlet sits in the Northport portion of the Town of Huntington, and to the east it sits in the Kings Park portion of the Town of Smithtown.