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ATTENTION (09/18/23):   The newest edition of the Fort Salonga Newsletter is at the printer now. Check your mailboxes in the next week or so as it is chocked full of information, news, and a lot of you - in pictures from events this year. Whether the Spring Brunch or the Spring Egg Hunt, we had many of you either attend or participate, but all had a lot of fun.

Make sure you read the latest
President's letter, outlining a variety of issues facing our community. As well, throughout this website there is much more information, whether it is the rail yard, battery storage facility, Callahan's Beach or something else, you will hopefully find it here.

If you believe you have something to contribute to the FSA website, we welcome your input. Fort Salonga is rich in history, and we are hoping to have much more on that topic in coming months, due especially to information submitted by Fort Salonga residents, whether past or current.
The only things we ask are;

1)  No political comments, whether local, national or international.
2). No advertising  (we reserve that for merchants who have paid to place ads in our newsletter.

To merchants who advertise with us in the FSA Newsletter, we are hopeful that we will have your ads here on the site soon. If you wish to advertise in our newsletter please email us and we will get in touch with you.
BTW - we have a new email address -

As many of you can understand, there is a lot happening in our little hamlet of Fort Salonga, too much to continually put here on the home page. Going forward, there will be a headline and brief text about a specific subject with a "click here" link, which will then take you to the corresponding page for that specific subject. This is the only way we can keep you informed while covering all the bases. If there is something that necessitates doing so, we will post a more in-depth piece here on the home page, but will also have added content on a corresponding page.
In addition, we are adding a new page specifically for information that our sister, the Townline Association has asked us to pass on to FS residents titled TLA Info under the NEWS dropdown. This will include event postings, letter request info and more.


Fort Salonga - 

Find out about the community you live in, the people who live here and your civic association. <Click here> for more. 

Important:  Unfortunately the communities of Fort Salonga, Commack, Kings Park, East Northport and Northport appear to be in the forefront of multiple issues, all at the same time. The rail spur is just one of those issues. In addition there is a proposal to build a Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Facility on Pulaski Rd. across from Richters Orchard. This would only be feet from the Iroquois Natural Gas Pipeline, which spans Long Island, from the Northport LIPA power plant south. The environmental consequences presented by these two facilities alone could result in the complete demise of the communities surrounding these proposed monstrosities, resulting from the combined effects from from air, water and noise pollution.

It is bad enough that we have to deal with the COVANTA incinerator, between the smells and ash produced, as well as the constant noise pollution emitted - now we are facing more - MUCH MORE.

You can go to the Townline Association (TLA) website to find out how you can support  and participate, starting with our letter writing campaign. There will be meetings, activities and fund raising campaigns coming in the near future. Donations of money are desperately needed as the Townline Association will need to hire attorneys and environmental engineers to fight, fight for us and the communities we live and play in.


To help defeat those who wish to devastate our communities, we ask you to donate whatever you can, whether it is $5 or $5,000  -   please help by sending a check or money order to:  Townline Association  

                                             P.O. Box 119,        

                                             Commack, New York 11725

(for information on purchasing "Fight the Freightyard" lawn signs, see below)

Your donation to support TLA  is tax deductible as they are a 501c3 non-profit organization in NYS.

We (collectively) are looking for volunteers, people willing to help get the word out to your  neighbors, whether walking in your neighborhood handing out brochures, organizing people for events, contacting the media, making phone calls and more. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. For those who are FSA members please call

Keith Macartney at 631-525-3937

Note:  As TLA moves forward, there is a lot going on in the background. We ask that you periodically check in on the website for updates. Understandably, there is information they prefer not to share, not wanting others knowing what is happening or being planned.



Stop the Rail yard lawn signs:
The Townline Association has purchased a supply of lawn signs for people to place on their property, letting others know about the proposed rail terminal and where to get further information. I have a supply of these signs for Fort Salonga residents to purchase. These signs are also a way of raising money to fight this rail yard from coming to our neighborhoods. If you would like to purchase a yard sign, please contact Keith Macartney at (631) 525-3937 to arrange pick-up. Price is $20 per sign and all proceeds go to Townline Association to defeat CarlsonCorp's efforts to destroy our communities.

Contact the Fort Salonga Association
Note: email goes directly to FSA president Keith Macartney
Pay annual dues here
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