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Fort Salonga Annual Brunch - starts at 11:30 Sunday, April 21
Indian Hills Country Club.

Please note, there are 2 new  President's Letters that have been posted on the FSA site. Please read both as they contain some important information.  Thank you 
As many of you know and understand, there is a lot happening in our little hamlet of Fort Salonga, too much to continually put here on the home page. Going forward, there will be a headline and brief text about a specific subject with a "click here" link, which will then take you to the corresponding page for that specific subject. This is the only way we can keep you informed while covering all the bases. If there is something that necessitates doing so, we will post a more in-depth piece here on the home page, but will also have added content on a corresponding page.
PLEASE READ  (re: Townline Rail Yard):
In addition, we have added a new page specifically for information that our sister organization , the Townline Association (TLA) has asked us to pass on to FS residents titled TLA info under the NEWS dropdown. This will include event postings, letter request info and more. Go to the TLA page now to read an important message.
FYI - we have only until Feb. 5 to send NEW letters to the Surface Transportation Board (STB).
We need every one of you to send letters to the STB, cc'ing the Townline Association ( link to TLA email address ).
They are on their way.  You ask what is "they" ? - here you go;

Keep your eyes on your mailbox as you will be receiving 2 pieces of mail.

First will be our annual membership drive. Included in the envelope will be:

*  President's Letter, detailing what has been, what is now and what will be. 

*  Form for renewing or signing up for membership in the Fort Salonga Association

      Membership in the association is not mandatory, but is very much appreciated.

      (more on what we do will be on this page)

*. Notice for our Annual Brunch, which will be held on April 21, 2024,

       It will again be held at the Indian Hills Country Club.

*. Raffle tickets for our annual raffle. 

Second will be our Spring Newsletter. It is filled with a lot of "stuff";

*.  President's Letter. Please read it completely. Though there is a President's Letter in the

      membership mailing, this one goes into more detail about what is happening with

      the proposed rail yard, with steps to be taken. This is a very fluid situation, so again, please

      read its entirely.

*.  Pictures and summaries of events from 2023 and giving thoughts for events in 2024.

**.    Interviews, news and advertisers (please support them, they believe in our community.

Contact info for the Fort Salonga Association (FSA):  
(Note: this is our new email address - please save)
Phone:   631-525-3937  (
 Keith Macartney - FSA President )

Updated Contact information for the 2 Towns (Huntington and Smithtown) can be found
when going to CONTACTS and selecting the appropriate Town dropdown. There you will also find links for the respective Town's Trash and Recycling Calendars, including dates for shredding and hazardous materials days.



The Fort Salonga Association 

We now have 2 calendars published on the site, due to specific limitations of each.

The first is the Fort Salonga only calendar, with events and happenings pertaining only to Fort Salonga, its residents, their families and friends. These events are intended for your information and enjoyment, so we ask that you limit friends if not from Fort Salonga, but they are always welcomed. Who knows, they may be your neighbor some time down the road.

The second calendar is for township(s) events, like parades, sidewalk fairs and exhibitions, etc.  We will try to include as many as of these events as possible, but again, due to calendar limitations we may not be able to list them all. If not, our apologies to those affected.

Contact the Fort Salonga Association
Note: email goes directly to the FSA board members
Pay annual dues here
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