President's end of year letter

I want to first thank the Fort Salonga Association board of directors and the residents of Fort Salonga for putting their faith in me as their new association president. If you asked me earlier this year if I would ever consider taking on the role, the thought had never crossed my mind. But after Frank Capaccio announced he would be resigning from his position as president I reevaluated my love for this community.


Having moved here 63 years ago at the age of 2, I have seen many changes to our community, some for the better, others...  Bryan's Meadow on Bread and Cheese and the general store on the corner with 25A are distant memories, the addition of the Fort Salonga Elementary School and the IGA shopping center, the relocation of Callahan's Beach, these are just some of the more noticeable things that have changed the face of our community through the years.

As we wrap up the end of the year with the Times Square ball dropping, with nearly a sole in sight, we are reminded that this past year has been unlike any other in history. The two major events this year that have shaped the news were of course COVID and the presidential election. Both have affected us, each in their own ways. But as much as we would like, we will never forget either, for a variety of reasons. We also have our own personal reasons to remember 2020, I hope the better out weigh the not so good for you.

Fort Salonga has had its own share of events that has had its effect on us. The proposed 7-Eleven on Fort Salonga Road, (across from the IGA plaza), the continued efforts by the developer at Indian Hills, Bread and Cheese being designated as an historical roadway by the Town of Huntington, Owl Hill and more. I can assure you that all the above remain high on the FSA's radar. One high point was that addition of a new cell tower at Callahan's Beach, giving residents and travelers alike much better cell service in the area. In the coming year we will be looking to help residents along Bread and Cheese get the same level of service. Another plus was the reconstruction of the sump at the corner of Pulaski and Bread and Cheese. For decades the residents along Bread and Cheese had suffered with severe flooding and loss of personal property. With the sump fix it appears that issue is now thankfully behind us.


In addition, there are happenings that are outside of Fort Salonga but affect us just as much. The Dejana Truck properties (intersection of Pulaski Rd. and Town Line Rd. and east) have been a thorn in the side for residents who live immediately north and along both Orchard Dr. and Bread and Cheese Hollow Rd. The Reuschenberg property activity at the opposite corner of Town Line Rd. and the potential for a solid waste recycling center on Old Northport Rd. are continually being evaluated by the FSA board.

Another event that affected us was the postponement of the Fort Salonga Annual Brunch due to COVID. This is always a great event where we get to see others in our community, some of whom we only see at the brunch. Our young children were affected by COVID as well, with the cancellation of the annual Egg Hunt and holiday caroling at the IGA with the Kings Park Fire Department arriving with Santa.

Speaking of the annual brunch, we always had our raffles and door prizes then. The FSA had already lined up prizes from local businesses, but because we had to cancel we were not able to award these prizes. Instead, during our annual meeting on December 9 we picked the winning tickets. Below is a full list of winners and their winnings. Congratulations to all who won and thanks to those who bought tickets and didn't - maybe next year. We greatly appreciate the businesses that helped to make this possible - THANK YOU. Some of those same businesses and many more have also been advertisers in our past quarterly newsletters. As the Fort Salonga Association moves into the digital world, those newsletters will instead be here online. Through the next couple of months we will be figuring out how these businesses can still reach our community, whether it be annual, quarterly or on a rotational basis. Regardless, PLEASE - support our local businesses, they are the life blood of our community. In these difficult times your support means that much more, as they are also your neighbors and friends, their children play with yours, and by shopping local it helps to insure that they are here tomorrow and beyond - THANK YOU>

In closing, I want to thank the FSA board for their tireless work. They do this because they love the community they live in. Their only pay is the thanks that they get from you, so please be generous. I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and as we look forward, let's work together to help keep Fort Salonga a wonderful place to live, a place where you want to bring up your children or retire, we are all tied together for one reason or another as a wonderful community. 

Keith Macartney - President, the Fort Salonga Association


Raffle Prizes:

1st Prize:   $400.00 + $100.00 Gift Certificate from IGA - Tom DeMaio

2nd Prize:  $200.00 + $225.00 Gift Certificate from Energy Fitness - Joe &Joy Stolfi

3rd Prize:   $250.00 + Alexa Echo Show 8 from Clayton Funeral Home - Christena Vitkovich


Door Prizes:

#1 - Life Nail Bar $30.00 Gift Certificate - Elain Turley

#2 - Bagel Port $25.00 Gift Certificate - Paul Glaser

#3 - Seven Quartz Tavern $25.00 GC plus Bottle of Wine - Susanna Ancona

#4 - Hair Together - O’Shea

#5 - Northside Deli $30.00 GC - Nigel Lea

#6 - Bottle of Wine from Bottles & Bargains - Rick Annichiarico

#7 - USA Jason’s Garage Free Oil Change - Patti Friedrichs

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