President's letter Feb. 2021

Good day Neighbors,

I would first like to thank the residents of Fort Salonga for allowing me to serve as your Association president. Below are items we are still dealing with from last year affecting our hamlet. 


  • 7-Eleven (proposed)  --  first the bad news

    • Developers plans have been approved by the Smithtown Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). This is after the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) approved plans as presented.

    • Now for the good news

      • The DEC has asked the developer to come back and make adjustments to their already approved plans.

      • This allows time for residents of Fort Salonga the opportunity to express their concerns to Smithtown officials. 

  • Owl Hill – 28 Acre Estate that is mostly undeveloped  with a turn of the century home that is on the Town of Smithtown’s list of historic homesAfter the prior owner spent decades trying to preserve the property they recently gave up and sold to a developer who has offered two directions for the property:

    • 1. Preservation – he has signed a letter of intent offering to preserve the property via Suffolk County Preservation programs; -  or 

    • 2.  Development – On 2/18/21 the Town’s Planning Board is hearing the builder’s application to Subdivide the lot into 18 half acres, plus a flag lot containing 2 affordable housing units for  a total of 18 homes. 

    • We urge those who are interested in this property attend the Planning Board’s Zoom Meeting on 2/18/21 at 6:PM.

  • Indian Hills Country Club

    • The Huntington Planning Board has adopted the developer’s Final Environmental Impact Statement and submitted to the Huntington Department of Planning and Environment for review.

  • Bread and Cheese

    • Towns of Smithtown and Huntington continue talks to acquire from County.

    • Protesters on B&C, in the vicinity of Fieldview Dr. 

      • SCPD has been monitoring


As we enter 2021, we have several new items on the agenda:

  • Town of Smithtown Draft Master Plan

    • Town’s intent is to change zoning from light to heavy Industry, in the area south of LIRR tracks in the area of Townline Rd. and Old Northport Rd.

  • Dejana Truck / ADT Real Estate Holdings (northeast corner Townline Rd. & Pulaski Rd.)

    • Plan to build 100,000 sq. ft. self-storage facility

    • Asking for 28 variances or special exceptions to town code

  • Sunrise Assisted Living (northwest corner Old Bridge Rd. and Pulaski Rd.)                                        

    •   Note:   Though not located within Fort Salonga, it would be our neighbor

      • Proposed 90 units, split between assisted living and memory care

      • With the exception of the house on the corner, this property has been vacant and an eyesore for decades.

  • Nissequogue River State Park

    • NYS Parks Dept. held an informative ZOOM meeting 

      • Future of KP Psychiatric Hospital grounds and coast

      • Link to replay is located on NIssequogue drop-down tab, as well as other presentation related links

As we move forward, the Fort Salonga Association is moving into the digital age. We have been holding our monthly meetings on ZOOM, and we invite Fort Salonga residents to join us. Additionally, the FSA has a new web-site where you will find information pertaining to Fort Salonga, be it current events or our rich past history. As this is a new site, we ask your patience while we build it out. Newsletters, along with support ads from local businesses will be there too. The FSA as well as organizations, including town boards and various department meetings (currently being held on ZOOM) will be posted on our site for all interested to join. We also have a page with contact information for both town’s officials, boards and departments, as well as County officials.


As your Association, we work for you, our community. Along with this letter will be the 2021 Fort Salonga Association membership forms. I ask that you complete them and return with payment. 


One last thing – your association is made up of your neighbors and friends. We are a part of your community. With so many things happening in and near Fort Salonga – we would appreciate your help. If you would consider joining the FSA board of directors, your assistance would be very welcome. Together we can accomplish much.


Again, thank you for putting your faith in me as your Fort Salonga Association president. My goal, along with our Board has one objective – to help keep you and your families safe and to preserve the reason why you moved here. I hope you are enjoying the winter snows, and I know there are many who are looking forward to a green spring.


Keith S. Macartney

Keith Macartney


(your) Fort Salonga Association

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