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National Grid provides natural gas service on Long Island, but service is limited in Fort Salonga. The more neighbors who register, the more likely the chance service can reach your street, and the more the price of installation per household can come down.

Register your name and contact information with our natural gas interest list with the form below. The FSA will maintain this list and begin to help neighbors understand what may be possible with National Grid service in the future. Although a number of residents have been in contact with National Grid, the company does not compile a list of these contacts for street mapping or strategic planning. Consequently, there is no way for National Grid to know where there is a “critical mass” of interested neighbors in any area. National Grid relies on a grass roots approach by neighbors to track interest.

As the FSA understands it, National Grid operates under the guidelines of Public Service commission requirements. National Grid will pay for the cost of the first 100 feet of new pipeline along a road for each household that commits to natural gas service, and an additional 100 feet of pipeline from the road to the home of a new customer who commits to a full conversion for service.

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The FSA intends to use the information gathered from this web page in a few ways. We will send you periodic messages with information about natural gas service. Also, as different streets reach critical mass points of interest, we intend to collect groups of addresses and bring these to National Grid for assessment. Note that this is not a typical disclaimer about data or email collection. Your email will be added to the larger FSA email list, so you will receive general FSA news as well as specific natural gas news. After you submit your information you will receive an email confirmation. And you can remove your name and email from this list whenever you like.

National Grid doesn’t have rules or guidance for organizing neighbors and communities. The FSA board will pursue this issue as opportunities present themselves and as neighbors express their interest over time. So by design this is a grassroots effort, and its outcome and timeline are not specific.

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