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The Fort Salonga Annual Brunch

There is one event that the Fort Salonga Association hosts every year that is geared specifically towards you, the adults in the room. Our Annual Brunch will be held this year on April 21 at the Indian Hills Country Club at 10:00am. We are still working on a keynote speaker, so check back here for the announcement. Understandably, with the Smithtown Master Plan being on the table, elected officials are a little gun-shy on committing.

The last several years have been a challenge to all of us. We were told to pretty much put our lives on hold while COVID ran its course. But during 2022 the FSA had the opportunity to hold several community events, some that have returned as well as a new event - the Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest. We are really pleased to say that turnout has overall been excellent and the kids had a real blast, from the pumpkin carving to the Spring Egg Hunt to the advent of winter and the annual Holiday Caroling at the IGA.

In the dropdown menu above you will find pictures of each event, capturing that fun and enjoyment experienced by you and your neighbors. 2023 will bring back a long time event, the annual Fort Salonga Assn. Brunch, which will be on April 23 at the Indian Hills Golf and Country Club. In previous years we've had some excellent speakers, and this years will not disappoint. More on this to come.

Additionally, the Fort Salonga Association offers scholarships to seniors who reside in Fort Salonga. We had in the past offered it to students of both Kings Park and Northport High Schools,. but this year we are expanding scholarship eligibility to students from St. Anthony's High School in Huntington. Students need to contact their school guidance counselors for details.

So click on the dropdown menu above and enjoy the photos from last year's events as well on our scholarship program. Mind you, students need to reside in Fort Salonga to be eligible. 

The Fort Salonga Association's
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