In memory of Thom Janusz

On November 19th, our associate director for many years, Thom Janusz, passed away.  Thom was formerly of N. Miami Beach, Fla. and Manhattan, NY before moving out to Fort Salonga when he married FSA secretary, Katherine Kovins.  A college music professor, Broadway conductor, double bass player, and renowned stone sculptor, he infused our community with his talent and enthusiasm for the history of this area.

In 2015, the Town of Smithtown celebrated its 350th anniversary, and along with that Fort Salonga celebrated the 234th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Slongo which occurred in 1781.  Thom organized a re-enactment of the battle, working with the 3rd NY regiment, a historical re-enactment group.  The regiment camped out the night before at Callahan’s Beach, and the battle ensued there the following morning.  Thom edited and designed the booklet, which described the battle, with Brad Harris, then the town historian for Smithtown. Those who attended the re-enactment were able to purchase a package which included the booklet, a commemorative medal, also of Thom’s design, and the Badge of Military Merit first awarded to Elijah Churchill.  That badge eventually became the Purple Heart and was featured on a commemorative cancel stamp on a postcard, also included in the package.

Thom also designed the cake each year that was served at the annual FSA brunch, and for the last few years, along with his wife Katherine, edited the FSA newsletter. 

Thom’s enthusiasm and love of Fort Salonga will be sorely missed.  

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