Presidents Letter

President’s Letter - February 2022

To start, let me emphasize that the Board of Directors for the FSA believes its primary purpose is to protect our friends, neighbors and community and preserve the reasons we all moved to Fort Salonga in the first place. It seems that our little hamlet has been inundated with issues that could seriously compromise the complexion of our hometown. Following is a list for your consideration:                      

  • 50-bed drug rehab facility

  • 100,000 sq. ft. self-storage project requesting 20 variances

  • Reuschenberg property operating illegally

  • Organic Waste Facility and railroad spur

  • Sunrise Assisted Living facility

  • Battery storage facility

  • Medical office building

  • Residential building

  • Indian Hills Country Club / golf course

  • Owl Hill

  • Brenna Estates

  • Bread and Cheese Hollow Rd.Although all of the items above are troubling, for now I'd like to focus on the first and last on the list, as they both could potentially have the greatest effect overall.

First, the 50-bed drug rehab facility. Although we were able to get the potential operators to pull their application, it is possible that they may come back at a later date, whether with the same proposal - only modified - or something completely new. There could be other possible outcomes for this property, only time will tell. That said, there were several Fort Salonga residents who worked very hard, gathering useful information. Their efforts are to be commended, with many thanks from both the FSA board and residents. You may not know it, but we have some pretty awesome neighbors, neighbors who are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve our hamlet.

The last item – Bread and Cheese. Since the early 1960’s there has been a running “battle” between the Towns of Huntington and Smithtown and Suffolk County over who should be maintaining and paying for the maintenance of Bread and Cheese, as it is listed as a county road. After many hours of discussions, this past fall the Town of Huntington voted to take back their half of Bread and Cheese. However, before Huntington would assume responsibility, certain repairs would have to be completed by the county, including:          

  • Fix the current flooding issues that have plagued Fort Salonga residents for what seems like forever, including installing and repairing curbs and drains for water control (this is the reason for all the survey work this past fall)

  • Repave the entire road, not just segments

  •   Note: National Grid may be extending natural gas lines north along B&C. Paving would be done only AFTER any gas 

         mains are installed, so as to avoid tearing up a newly paved road                                                                                   

The Town of Smithtown agrees to take back and maintain their side of B&C as Huntington already has.


There are many items that can (and will) have an impact on Fort Salonga and its residents. The Board holds a monthly meeting and all residents are invited to join from 7:00-8:00pm, typically the 2nd Monday of the month. If you go to the web-site and click on the calendar you will find the link for our ZOOM meetings. At some point we are hoping to be able to get back to in-person meetings – we will let you know when that happens.


Included with this letter is the annual Fort Salonga Association membership form. We ask that you either renew your membership or become a member of the Association. Your donation goes towards numerous community functions, projects and events, including scholarships to students from both Northport and Kings Park High Schools, (annual) Egg Hunt at Callahan’s Beach, Christmas caroling and holiday festivities, Spring Brunch, New Residents Party, etc. We are hoping to resume these activities now that it appears COVID is subsiding.


Last – this will be the final mailing for the FSA, as we are disseminating all communications via the web-site. Two of our board members are working toward making the site more current, manageable and readable. Check it often as there is a lot happening, from the issues we are facing to fun events for all. And in the coming months, advertising spots from our local merchants who support Fort Salonga will be added.


Keith S. Macartney

Keith Macartney


(your) Fort Salonga Association