Below are letters/emails sent to Town of Smithtown regarding industrial zoning change south of LIRR tracks, both from the FSA and residents of Fort Salonga. To those residents who responded, a hearty thank you.  (permissions received prior to posting)

To: Town of Smithtown

Attn: Town Clerk,  Planning Department

From: The Fort Salonga Association

August 6, 2021

Re: Proposed Master Plan zoning change – Town Line Road / Carlson property

At the recent Town meeting on August 3, 2021 the Smithtown Planning Board presented their proposed changes to the Master Plan, in this case the Town Line Road area, more specifically 11.5 acres owned by Toby Carlson. Though we were told that the potential for an Organic Waste Processing Facility has been removed, we are unsure for what purpose the Town is continuing the rezoning of this piece of property.

Fort Salonga for decades has been subjected to various types of environmental hazards, more specifically both air and water. The mound at the COVANTA facility on Town Line Road has severely polluted the underground stream that flows northward through the Bread and Cheese Valley. The result of this water pollution is a huge plume of toxic waste billowing northward. This facility is not the only business that has impacted the water in the area, which also sits on top of Long Island’s only aquafer and its citizens only source of water. 

The various attacks on Fort Salonga by industrial air pollution from businesses along both Town Line Road and East Northport Road is not only offensive but seriously noxious in nature. Through the decades residents have had to deal with toxic ash, eating away at their cars. More importantly, this attack of pollutants has caused higher rates of cancers to residents of the southern areas of Fort Salonga, northern Commack, eastern East Northport and western areas of Kings Park. Unfortunately, the NYS Dept. of Health does not have current records posted, listing only 2011 - 2015. Also not included in this group are individuals who work in this area but live outside these confines.

Regardless of what industry would move into this 11.5 acre parcel we believe that there would be no benefit to the residents of Fort Salonga. It is for the above reasons the Board of the Fort Salonga Association strongly opposes any change in zoning to any property in the above-mentioned industrial zone.  In addition, we are severely concerned that by changing the zoning on this parcel to heavy industry would set a precedent to future zoning changes in this region. 



The Board of Directors,

The Fort Salonga Association


Christena M. Murphy

3 Allenby Drive

Fort Salonga, New York 11768

(631) 987-4171


August 8, 2021


Email to:

Town Clerk

Town of Smithtown

99 W. Main Street

Smithtown, NY 11787


RE:     2020 Smithtown Comprehensive Plan – OPPOSITION to Zone Changes from Light to Heavy Industry for Old Northport Road in Kings Park

To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Christena M. Murphy.  I am a Fort Salonga resident and currently reside at 3 Allenby Drive, Fort Salonga, New York 11768.  I am aware that the Town of Smithtown is currently considering having a few nearby areas re-zoned for heavy industry. One major area proposed for rezoning is located along Old Northport Road in Kings Park.  I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed rezoning and development of this area. The Land Use Plan for this site is inconsistent with the broader intent of this community and surrounding communities, which have single-family and multiple-family residences, as well as endangers the health and wellbeing of community members, and will adversely impact our dry and wet woodlands, marshlands and wildlife. 


My opposition is based on the potential and probable negative and adverse effects to our “hamlet” community, coupled with the associated environmental and residential concerns, which are outlined in detail, as follows:


  1.  The loss of neighborhood and community character;


  1. The decrease in the market value of my home and neighboring homes;


  1. Increased traffic congestion added to already heavily congested intersections located at Old Northport Road, Pulaski Road and Townline Road;


  1. The increased air, land and water pollution;


  1. The destruction of green space, mature trees, loss of habitat for wildlife and further driving wildlife out of the area, which is already ongoing in multiple areas of Kings Park and Fort Salonga due to over-industrialization and over-building;


  1. Heavy Industrial Zoning DOES NOT FIT within our communities of single/multi-family neighborhood homes, parks/wetlands/preserves and schools, which predominantly surround this area;


  1. Once said property is rezoned, the developer can likely change concepts with easier approval and without community knowledge and involvement;


  1. Heavy Industry, especially waste and diesel exhaust, can and will lead to increased incidences of cancer, especially in women. There are several empirical studies published in recognized medical journals documenting such incidences. Long Island is known for cancer clusters (breast and lung) and this will only increase our likelihood of developing sickness in this area through pollution; and


  1. The zoning of this area is NOT ANTIQUATED. It is APPROPRIATE. Less is more. Overdevelopment and Heavy Industry is not good for our community, our health and our environment.


I respectfully request that you note my OPPOSITION and DO NOT rezone this area. Once the property is rezoned our entire community is degraded and our quality of health, environment and value of our homes will be adversely impacted. 


Thank you for your attention and consideration. 





Christena M. Murphy

3 Allenby Drive

Fort Salonga, New York 11768 

(631) 987-4171


 I strongly oppose the zone change transition from light industry to heavy industry.

The disruption from the change would be devastating from the additional pollution and traffic for the surrounding residential area.


Thank you

Vincent Reda

19 paddosck dr

fort salonga



John Impagliazzo, Ph.D.

2 Meadow Glen Road

Fort Salonga, New York 11768

Town Clerk

Town of Smithtown 99 W. Main Street Smithtown, NY 11787

RE: Town Line Industrial Zone Proposed Master Plan—Zoning Change

To Whom It May Concern:

I oppose the Town of Smithtown’s proposed plan to rezone the segment of land south of Pulaski Road and near Townline Road. The project is designed to change 11.5 acres from light industry to heavy industry. Such an area is too small for heavy industry and benefits only a select few.

At public hearings, it appears that the Town intends to convert the land into an organic waste facility, possibly even absorbing some of the waste from New York City. There have also been suggestions of including a possible rail spur to facilitate transportation. However, the proposed change of 11.5 acres from light to heavy industry creates a perception of future developments in the area. It is unwarranted for the Town of Smithtown to sacrifice this lovely community in such a destructive manner.


The Town has conveyed that this “Master Plan” would become the pathway for all future developments in public hearings. Some aspects of the Master Plan, such as the Nissequogue park in Kings Park, are positive developments. However, the proposed action to provide for heavy industry would establish a precedent for future changes. It would cause a deterioration of the Fort Salonga community through more noxious odors, increased noise, heavier truck traffic, water contamination, and a significantly negative impact on our community and property values. Instead of introducing heavy industry, the Town should plan for light industry and higher quality projects to make the area a model for future development.


Obviously, I am highly opposed to any conversion from light to heavy industry in the Fort Salonga community. Also, the Town of Smithtown should maintain all current zoning regulations throughout Fort Salonga to maintain the highest quality of life in the community.


John Impagliazzo, Ph.D. and Sharon Whitton, Ph.D. Sent via email to:



(name withheld at authors request)

We are opposed to rezoning a portion of the 11 acres to heavy industrial use on Old Northport Road. As a long time Fort Salonga residents we experienced the expansion of the now defunct Huntington landfill. We saw our acquifer contaminated requiring expensive hookups to town water. We dealt with fly ash, truck traffic and noxious smells impacting our health and property values. The problems escalated until partially remedied with its closing but not until we endured many years of impact to our residents.  Even now, Pulaski is often littered with debris from trucks going to the incinerator and smells and noise persist.

What happens at Fort Salonga’s southern border potentially affects our entire community just as what happens at America’s border affects us all.  Just as the Huntington landfill grew over time, any limitations on size, hours of operation and promises of containment will fall victim to the inevitable pressure to expand. The applicant for an organic waste facility has not as yet established a  community minded attitude and significant revenue flows are involved.  A rail spur would be a major intrusion with unforeseen consequences. A heavy industry designation invites less scrutiny when not adjacent to a residential neighborhood. Unfortunately the impact to our water supplies, noise from trucks and escaping smells is reminiscent of exactly what happened at our old Huntington landfill and negatively  affects our residents even though not directly in our community.

We urge you to not approve the revised master Plan.


What's Happening

OWL HILL  (proposed development)  99 Sunken Meadow Rd. north of 25A

Some highlights:


  • Property size:  27.63 acres

  • The old home / mansion stays. 

  • This is a cluster development that uses the acreage of non-buildable area as a means to reduce the lot sizes to .5 acres.

    • Note:  Town of Smithtown ​zoning allows for .5 acre cluster homes to be built

  • 10 acres to be preserved. However, a recharge basin is in the plan… and that would level a zillion trees.

  • There are 18 homes. 16 will be priced $1-1.3  million. 2 will be workforce housing as required by Suffolk county.  They are only required if you build up to a certain yield…apparently by building 16… het gets the 2 extra homes (1.6 homes but rounded up = 2). 10% of 16 = 1.6. If he built 14 homes he only gets 1 extra home.   I do not have house sizes yet.

  • THERE IS NO BUFFER. THERE IS NO Environmental Easement along the edge.  The tree line on the map is a farce.  Whoever buys the house can knock them down and do whatever they want.   THIS IS A BIGGIE FOR THE FSA.  Why not ‘preserve’ some more with a buffer, leaving the land in its natural state?

  • The development plan is similar to Spinnaker, as there is no through street. It is a dead end. This matters for the people in my neighborhood, as we have feared a cut through at Yorktown place for decades.  So, the fact that it’s self-contained is a positive. 

  • Next up they will need to apply to the BZA for variances for slope and yield.  The current yield is only 2. 

  • Attorney is Vin Trimarco.


The proposed new Ft. Salonga 7-11 (Basser Kaufman) will be going back to the BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) on September 15th at the Senior Center (live).  The time will probably be 6:00 but you can confirm as we get closer.  Seating is limited as we have about 25 seats that are socially distanced at 6' apart.  We only allow 1 application at a time in the building.  They have improved the architecture and have received LWRP approval.  People can submit comments in writing as well up to the day before the hearing.  

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