What's Happening

OWL HILL  (proposed development)  99 Sunken Meadow Rd. north of 25A

Some highlights:


  • Property size:  27.63 acres

  • The old home / mansion stays. 

  • This is a cluster development that uses the acreage of non-buildable area as a means to reduce the lot sizes to .5 acres.

    • Note:  Town of Smithtown ​zoning allows for .5 acre cluster homes to be built

  • 10 acres to be preserved. However, a recharge basin is in the plan… and that would level a zillion trees.

  • There are 18 homes. 16 will be priced $1-1.3  million. 2 will be workforce housing as required by Suffolk county.  They are only required if you build up to a certain yield…apparently by building 16… het gets the 2 extra homes (1.6 homes but rounded up = 2). 10% of 16 = 1.6. If he built 14 homes he only gets 1 extra home.   I do not have house sizes yet.

  • THERE IS NO BUFFER. THERE IS NO Environmental Easement along the edge.  The tree line on the map is a farce.  Whoever buys the house can knock them down and do whatever they want.   THIS IS A BIGGIE FOR THE FSA.  Why not ‘preserve’ some more with a buffer, leaving the land in its natural state?

  • The development plan is similar to Spinnaker, as there is no through street. It is a dead end. This matters for the people in my neighborhood, as we have feared a cut through at Yorktown place for decades.  So, the fact that it’s self-contained is a positive. 

  • Next up they will need to apply to the BZA for variances for slope and yield.  The current yield is only 2. 

  • Attorney is Vin Trimarco.


The proposed new Ft. Salonga 7-11 (Basser Kaufman) will be going back to the BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) on September 15th at the Senior Center (live).  The time will probably be 6:00 but you can confirm as we get closer.  Seating is limited as we have about 25 seats that are socially distanced at 6' apart.  We only allow 1 application at a time in the building.  They have improved the architecture and have received LWRP approval.  People can submit comments in writing as well up to the day before the hearing.  

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